Business Communications

Des Solutions Adaptées à vos exigences en langues étrangères

Adult Language Training and Translation Services

Facade centre formation compiegne
equipe formateur compiegne

Business Communications, a continuing education center for professionals, specialized in language learning, and a reliable translation agency, offers adapted and flexible solutions to your language needs.

Bienvenue, welcome, willkommen, bienvenido, benvenuto…. to Business Communications. I’m American and have been working in the field of continuing education in France for more than 20 years. Creating Business Communications in 2001 was a chance for me to work directly with local businesses.

Our work ethics at Business Communications are based on mutual respect and group effort. We are sure you’ll appreciate our user-friendly, communicative approach to learning, but also to doing business. Hope to see you soon ! Anne-Louise Lamontagne (founding manager)