Anne-Louise Lamontagne, Founding Manager

Business Communications and their team of professional language coaches

Whether you are learning a foreign language for personal or professional reasons, Anne-Louise Lamontagne and her team of professional language coaches, from all over the world, will help you cross international borders. The teaching team, composed of native-speakers, endeavors to offer customized training programs in order to respond to your different demands and needs.

From day-1 of this human adventure, Business Communications has been a privileged partner to international companies as well as to small, local businesses who continue through the years to entrust their language projects to them.

Our Strengths


Experts in different languages and in various fields (finance, industry, tourism, etc).

  • Our teaching techniques are “hands-on”. We believe in using role playing and oral exercise to encourage immediate use of newly acquired skills.
  • A team of native language teachers, all with experience and teacher-training credentials.
  • Our teachers meetings, recrutement criteria, and the general communication between teachers guarantees a coherence in our approach, which is designed to answer your company’s specific language needs.
  • Sunny and comfortable, easily-accessible classrooms.
  • Clear and coherent administrative documents and progress feedback.
  • Organization of English Club dinners and activities.
  • Certified “Data-Dock” training center.

Mission Statement by Anne-Louise Lamontagne at the start-up of Business Communications in 2001 :

actifemmes-anne-louise-lamontagne« It is an undisputed evidence : Today, any business who wants to keep, or develop, its market share, regardless of its size or field of activity, must be able to communicate with the rest of the world. For example, thanks to internet, even an artisan-craftsman can sell his local products abroad. With the creation of the Economic European Community and a common currency, there are enormous possibilities for import-export opportunities as well as for developing new partners world-wide. Also, the economic world is in a phase of regrouping and internationalization, as smaller divisions join larger groups.
I’m American and have been teaching in businesses in France for more than 10 years, and the realization of what I could do, in terms of helping French businesses in their international projects, pushed me to start Business Communications.
Understanding our customers’ dilemas and plans, and being able to propose pro-active and tailored solutions, is what makes us a quality service provider, with the friendly-feel of a local, family business.»